buechohnecoverbuechohnecoverPaul Belard kündigt für das Jahr 2024 sein Buch "The King & The Jester " mit folgenden Worten in einem Interview mit dem "Elvis Information Network" an:

"Nearly forty-five years after his death, Elvis Presley remains equally famous and easily recognized around the world. For most of the entirety of his adult life, the man who made all the major decisions of Elvis’ career was Tom Andrew Parker, who, himself, became a celebrity by association. Why is Elvis’ manager so well-known?

The author is clearly not the only one who cannot name Frank Sinatra’s manager, nor Johnny Cash’s, the Rolling Stones’, Bruce Springsteen’s, Taylor Swift, or Beyoncé’s.

On the positive side, Tom Parker was a hard worker, a gifted promoter, a skillful negotiator, and a keen judge of character. Aside from the gifted promoter, which he undoubtedly was, the other traits, put in the wrong hands, can easily become negative qualities ..."

Quelle: ElvisDayByDay.Com

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