Elvis Presley Concerts And Rehearsals 1944 To 1977 (EBook)

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'Elvis Presley Concerts and Rehearsals from 1944 to 1977' E-Book by Marco Durzu

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Only published a few months ago the very-detailed book 'Elvis Presley Concerts and Rehearsals from 1944 to 1977' has just been released as its seventh update, Version 1.7.

This book contains information relating to Elvis Presley’s concert activity currently known from 1944 to 1977, reporting the shows and rehearsals of the shows, with detailed information on the audio recordings of the same, in particular original CDs and bootlegs. Furthermore, the shows that were canceled during Elvis Presley’s lifetime are also indicated.

- 1902 Shows and Rehearsals of which 1867 performed and 35 canceled from 1944 to 1977 !!!
- 818 Shows recorded of 1867 Shows and Rehearsals performed from 1944 to 1977 (43,81 %) !!!

I chose to report the shows in chronological order, year by year, from 1944 to 1977, following a progressive numbering also for the tours.

Now updated with a chapter dedicated to the television appearances and films that Elvis Presley made from 1956 to 1977, containing detailed information on the audio and video recordings of the same.

- 31 Films (1956 - 1969) - 2 Films during 1970 and 1972 Shows !!!
- 19 TV Shows/Interviews (1956 - 1977) !!!
- a chapter on the complete Elvis U.S.A. Discography (1956 / 2024).
- 268 Extended-Plays / Studio-Albums / Soundtrack-Albums / Live-Albums / Spoken-Word-Albums / Compilation-Albums / Budget-Albums / Box-Set-Albums / Posthumous-Albums / Remix-Albums!
- a chapter on the complete Elvis FTD. Discography (2009 / 2024) - 213 titles !!!
- a chapter on the complete M.R.S. Discography (2007 / 2024) - 28 titles !!!

At the end of the book there are statistical tables relating to all the information reported in it and a Guide to listening to ANALOG / DIGITAL MUSIC. In the end I want to thank, with my heart and soul, Elvis Presley, for the unique talent he was able to express through his music, which gives me and many other people and will always give pure joy and happiness.

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