Für den Dezember 2024 kündigt David Stanley, Stiefbruder von Elvis Presley, die Veröffentlichung seines neuen Buches "Surviving Elvis"an und dieses wird wie folgt angekündigt:

"The new book is the true story of my life after Elvis. The book features insights on what really caused Elvis’s death in August of 1977. It reveals the facts about the Doctors who killed him and the controversy that followed concerning the official cause of his death.

The book also puts attention on the book 'Elvis: What Happened' written and released in 1977 by three of Elvis former bodyguards. It was this book that crushed him and had a direct impact on his untimely death.

In addition 'Surviving Elvis' will cover Priscilla’s role in Elvis life both then and now. It also examines the media frenzy that followed Elvis death and the lies that were told and published by several members of the so called Memphis Mafia.

Lisa Marie and her relationship with both Elvis and Priscilla is also a focus in 'Surviving Elvis'. The book begins with Lisa passing and the profound effects that rippled throughout the world and family as a result of that dreadful day.

'Surviving Elvis' is this and much much more. It is a book thats both brash and unapologetic. It is a book that reveals Elvis’s tormented soul and addresses the demons that drove him to an early grave. It is the unbridled truth that the world of Elvis is so desperately seeking and to this day has been denied.

Written with compassion for Elvis, 'Surviving Elvis' is not a tell all exposé of the king's life. It is the story that David lived and helplessly experienced first-hand and through his faith barely survived."

Quelle: ElvisDayByDay.Com

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