ISBN: 9798320117652ISBN: 9798320117652Von Marco Durzu kommt das 455 Seiten umfassende Buch "Elvis Presley Songs" und dieses soll eine vollständige Liste der Songs beinhalten, welche von Elvis gesungen wurden.

"This book is dedicated to the complete list of Elvis Presley Songs in alphabetical order: - 898 songs !!!

It is the ideal complement to my previous Elvis’ book entitled "Elvis Presley Concerts and Rehearsals from 1944 to 1977".

It presents itself as a useful tool for reading Elvis' songs both when listening to studio songs and songs during live performances, as all the songs known so far recorded by Elvis Presley are present in it, in alphabetical order and perfectly indexed and recallable with a direct link to the initial letter of the song.

Added, for completeness of information, are the songs that Elvis Presley sang from 1944 to 1977 but for which we do not, at present, have evidence of audio or video recordings and the songs known from concert rehearsals, of which similarly, we do not have, always at the current state, a confirmation of audio and video recordings;

Added the songs that Elvis Presley had rehearsed and should have sung on the tour which obviously never took place, from 08/17/1977 to 08/28/1977, following his sudden death on 08/16/1977;

Also added the songs that other singers from Elvis Presley's group (Kathy Westmoreland, Sherrill Nielsen, The Stamps) sang at his concerts and concert rehearsals from 1968 to 1977;

For each song I reported: the authors of the song and the date Elvis Presley recorded the song, the reference to the film in which Elvis Presley sang the song, if the song belongs to the soundtrack of an Elvis Presley film or the first publication (on single disc, extended play or album) in all other cases;

For the songs of which we do not have audio / video recordings, I have reported the authors of the song, the year the song was recorded and the references of the concerts and rehearsals in which Elvis Presley sang the song.

In the end I want to thank, with my heart and soul, Elvis Presley, for the unique talent he was able to express through his music, which gives me and many other people and will always give pure joy and happiness."

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