"Elvis - The King Of Bling: Volume 1" heisst das nächste 220 Seiten starke Buch von Paul Belard und dieses wird mit folgenden Worten angekündigt:

"In an article in The New York Times Magazine published on August 8, 2023, titled A Brief History of Bling, the author argued that the story of hip-hop could be told “through the stunning and surreal evolution of the jewelry the artists wear.”

According to him, “The word bling, which entered common parlance at the turn of the century, conjures specific sights: small flotillas of twinkling diamonds, gold layered literally to the teeth, watches so gem-encrusted they barely tick.” He adds that, “One beguiling trick of hip-hop production, whether it’s expensive or ersatz, elegant or gaudy, is to convey musically what jewelry signifies visually.”

It is indeed a brief history of bling because Elvis’ name is not even mentioned! Had the word “bling” been in use in the 20th century, Elvis would have outshone the hip-hop genre. Anyone who has seen some of the bling worn by the rappers can credibly say that, compared to Elvis, they are mere amateurs."

Quelle: ElvisDayByDay.Com

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