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Newbury PressNewbury PressNach dreijähriger Arbeit kündigt Newbury Press das in englischer Sprache und 6-CD´s umfassende Hörbuch "This Is Elvis Presley - Volume 1" an.

Inhalt - CD 1
King Creole And the 10th floor of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel - U.S. Army Induction and the “Threeteens” -  Joe Esposito, Kissin' Cousins and the President's Daughter - Drug Enforcement Badge - "Without A Song" -  Billboard reacts to "Heartbreak Hotel" - Eddie Bond and the Hi Hat Club - The Radiator Shop that Sam Bought - Grenada, Elvis and the Stamp - Comeback Special Sitting at Elvis’ Feet - A $ 2.5 million Hawaiian Special and a Satellite - The Phoenix Jumpsuits, Ashes and Rebirth - The Jerry Weintraub Scarf Situation -
The Benefit and the $108,860 Check - Elvis, the “Louisiana Colonel” - The Story about Elvis’ Black Belts - Saints, Singers and Saint Jude - The House on Hillcrest Road - Mrs. Oleta Grimes and “Old Shep” - The Godfather of Soul and the King's Use of Capes - Roy Orbison Seeing Elvis on Stage - Vegas and the King - Martin Scorcese and the Elvis on Tour Movie - The Tour Production and The Air Force Arrives - Elvis' '73 Lincoln Continental - Homecoming Deception - The Graceland Mansion - Elvis and the Robert Vesco Plane - Milton Berle and the Pan Letters - The "Hound Dog" Show - The Elvis Continentals

CD 2:
Elvis and the Mickey Mouse March - Hedda Hopper - The Hy Gardner Show - Concerts - The Grand Ole Opry Show - Elvis' International Hotel Suite - Lake Tahoe's High Sierra Room - Kirk Kerkorian getting Elvis to the Astrodome - Germany, Priscilla and The Immaculate Conception - The Elvis and Vernon Sit Down - The Lamar-Airways Shopping Center - Performance - Lansky Brothers - The Elvis Statue - Jimi's Barber Shop - The Pink Cadillac - Elvis in the Army - Certificate Of Achievement - Pearl Harbor Charity Performance - The Tears Of The Arizona - The Hawaiian Village Hotel - Alex Romero and "Jailhouse Rock" - Dewey Phillips and "That's All Right Mama" - Mae Boren and Tommy Durden - Hurricane Camille - "Peace In The Valley" on Sullivan - David Frick of Rolling Stone on Elvis - The Hank Snow Jamboree - The Dinner Show, International Hotel '69 - Elvis and The Rat Pack - Nancy Sinatra, Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough and Speedway - Ann Margret and Elvis - Anita Wood and her First Date with Elvis

Die 6 CD´sDie 6 CD´s

CD 3:
The Prophet Readings - Elvis and Gladys' Feeding the Homeless - Elvis and Dixie Locke Attending the Oral Roberts Healing Crusade - The Secretaries - Hotel Claridge Award - Ceremony - Anita Wood Crying In The Chapel - Rexodus - Germany's Father of Karate Instructs the King - The Rolls Royce Phantom Auction for SHARE - Comeback Show - Choreographer Claude Thompson - The Wrecking Crew - The Colonel as Technical Advisor - The 50-foot Cutout - Circle G and the Boyle Investment Company - Elvis and the Karate - Speedboat - June Juanico - Cooking for the King - Carol Cook, Jerry Schilling and the Wall - Allan Fortas and Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas - Hoover, LBJ and the Elvis Visit - American Sound Studio - International Hotel's Alex Shoofey on the Best Deal Ever Made - Charlie Hodge and his Graceland Stay - Joe Guercio's Wife and the Idea for the 2001: A Space Odyssey or Hail Elvis

CD 4:
Frederick De Cordova directing Frankie and Johnny - Using the Memphis Mafia as Extras - Senater Kefauver and his Remarks on Elvis' Military Service - Hell on Wheels and the Golden Gun - Charro, Ina Balin and the Children of An Lac - On Sacred Indian Ground - Parchman Penitentiary - The Memphis Flash - Sweet Pea, Little Bit and Elvis' Animal - Kingdom - Raquel Welch, Roustabout and Being Gaga over Elvis - The Cloud 9 Lounge - The High Sierra Room in '71 - The Nashville and RCA Studio B - Bass man Bob Moore and Elvis - Billboard's Editor Paul Ackerman about Elvis in '54 - "The Wiffenpoof Song" - Bis and Beau - Lisa Marie - "In The Ghetto", "Don't Cry Daddy" and Mac Davis - Roy Hamilton and the Song he got from Elvis - 8 Minutes That Changed the World

CD 5:
RAW AND UNCUT: Daniel Lombardy interviews Diamond Joe Esposito as Joe reveals little known facts and secret stories during his 17 years with Elvis as the King’s road manager and right-hand man

CD 6:
TRIVIA: This disc is another treat that is packed with a rich set of challenges that will baffle both longtime fans and historians alike

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