In die "Country Music Hall Of Fame" wird James Burton (Kategorie: "Recording And/Or Touring Musician") neben John Anderson (Kategorie: " Veterans Era Artist") bzw. Toby Keith (Kategorie: "Modern Era Artist") aufgenommen. Auf der Homepage der "Country Music Hall Of Fame" steht dazu:

"A steadfast force for traditionalism in country music, John Anderson has made an enduring impact with his down-home, instantly recognizable singing style and dozens of hits.

Since the late 1950s, master guitarist James Burton has shaped hundreds of classic recordings - from Ricky Nelson and Merle Haggard to Elvis Presley and Emmylou Harris - with memorable licks and solos.

One of the most popular artists of the last thirty years, Toby Keith wrote or co-wrote most of his material, sharing a perspective on life that was by turns tough, tender, and humorous in more than forty Top Ten hits."

Quelle: CountryMusicHallOfFame.Org

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