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Wie der Titel "Mike Stone: My Time With Priscilla And Lisa Marie Presley" schon verrät, veröffentlicht Mike Stone Mitte August 2024 in Zusammenarbeit mit Blake Chavez sein Buch und dieses wurde wie folgt per facebook angekündigt:

" Aloha Friends, A busy day in Paradise. How Blessed are we? Setting the Record Straight.

The idea of writing this book has existed for a long time. I write it now with clarity, wisdom, and a clear conscience.

The world has been subjected to untrue sensationalism through the media, gossip shows, and thousands of tabloids for over fifty years. I am telling the truth about my time with Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley. Although our time together was brief, it was filled with love, joy, and happiness.

It only fits that Priscilla and I can set the record straight. I’ve heard that Priscilla has already stated her position on our relationship. For those looking to read trash-talk, name-calling, and accusations, save your money. Haters will find some satisfaction in my stories about the stupid, petty, childish attitudes I demonstrated occasionally. Some people would love for me to find fault with Priscilla or Lisa Marie, but I can’t do it. They were both a joy to be around. What could I possibly say that was negative, disrespectful, or untrue about a beautiful woman who only wanted to create a life of her choosing? What could I say negatively about the loving, pretty, innocent 6-year-old gem that was Lisa Marie? Nothing. If you look closely at the photo of how Lisa and I looked at each other, it's obvious how we felt about each other. What cruel, unkind lie could I write? Haven’t they all suffered enough?

The only issues I had were never with Priscilla or Lisa Marie but with my naïve ignorance. I had an instinctive dislike for the stupid attitude and mentally bankrupt Hollywood insiders who saw Priscilla as prey. I feared that, in her vulnerable condition, she might jump from the frying pan into the fire. History has a way of repeating itself.

Priscilla is free to choose any lifestyle, but I cautioned her of the consequences of her choices. The past fifty years have revealed the harsh reality, cruelties, and challenges of life with significant loss and sadness. Everyone has the right to choose how they prefer to live. My spirit agreed never to interfere with my choices. Who am I to question anyone else’s choice of how to live? We must allow each soul to walk its chosen path, even if that soul decides to end its own life. Ever notice that the Creator never interferes with a soul who chooses to end its earthly experiences?

I have written about my time with Priscilla and Lisa Marie, remembering the beautiful times and joys we shared. I was truly blessed.

I encourage you to read about these experiences. They are meant to reveal, motivate, and inspire you to remember the wonderful times you shared with loved ones and friends.

We plan to have the book available through Amazon by the middle of August.

Love and Light


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